Google releases an update to Android 8.0 and 8.1 to fix a bug that prevents calling 911 – Tablets and phones – News

The way you phrased it, is not correct. This article provides a step-by-step explanation of what happened, including code and change sets:…call-to-fail-6525f9ba5e63

Teams is listing itself as a potential dialer app, but certainly not as a 112 app.
Since Teams creates a new user ID every time they are not signed in, there will be a new registration as a dialer app. The possible result is a lot of registrations as a student application.

Where the error occurs Android browses the full list of dialer apps when calling an emergency number, looking for the one that has the highest priority. Here an internal inflow may arise due to an incorrectly executed hash comparison, after which the function crashes and the call does not occur.
Only then will Android check which apps are allowed to call 112 at all.

Microsoft has already ensured in Teams that they no longer do additional logging after each start. However, Android still needs to fix this, because teams alone cannot cause this problem.

Android fix:
– Compare the hash in the right way, such that int under/overflow can no longer occur.
– The first filter on 112 applications, so that in practice the virtual caller always advances and comparison is not necessary.

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