Google Pixel 6 (Pro) launch: Watch the live stream here

Google Pixel 6 (Pro) launch: Watch the live stream here

Today is the day Google launches the new Pixel 6 series. You can launch the launch via a file Live broadcast And for that, all you have to do is open this article at 7:00 PM.

Google Pixel 6 specifications

For the first time, Google released a lot of details about its Pixel phones early on. Along with many rumors, the new Google Pixel 6 employment Google Pixel 6 Pro No more secrets for us. However, we are eagerly looking forward to the new smartphones, because they are from Google and:

Pixel 6 Pro comes even further According to rumors The 6.71-inch AMOLED screen, while the regular Pixel 6 has a smaller 6.4-inch screen. Another difference between the devices is in the camera. The regular Pixel 6 has a 50MP main camera and a 12MP wide-angle sensor.

Google Pixel 6 pricing and availability

Unfortunately, Google has no special plans to prevent smartphones from being available in more countries. Only new Pixel phones will work In these eight countries for sale. So a trip to Germany is coming again. We will likely have to deposit €649 for the Pixel 6 and €899 for the Pixel 6 Pro at checkout.

Google Pixel 6 Live Streaming

Below you will find the live broadcast will start at 19:00. Will you follow the launch with us? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 Pro

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