Google Pay is available in the Netherlands

Google Pay is available in the Netherlands

Photo: ANP

The Google Pay payment app from the Google technology group is also available in the Netherlands. Until now, the app was only available via the apps of a number of banks, and now everyone can download it.

With Google Pay, according to Google, you can pay in stores, on websites, and in apps without having to use debit cards or cash. The app can also add a credit or debit card from the financial institutions that support the app. So far, these are ABN AMRO, Adyen, Bitpanda, Bunq, Curve, iCard, Monese, N26, PayrNet, Revolut, Swan, Viva Wallet, Wise and ZEN.COM.

Google Pay can also store debit and reward cards. If the consumer loses the phone, the app can be remotely blocked and all data can be removed as a precaution. According to Google, it is not necessary to block a debit or credit card.

Google Pay started in 2015 in the US and is also available in many other countries, including most of Europe. Apple’s similar service used on iPhones, Apple Pay, will be available in the Netherlands for about two years.

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