Google Maps may get pop-up ads while driving

Google Maps may get pop-up ads while driving

It seems the folks at Google are going to great lengths to get their ad revenue. In addition to increasingly longer ads on its video platform YouTube, the US tech giant is now also considering bombarding us with ads while we drive.

Google Maps has been completely free to use for years, even without a Google account. Let’s be honest: That’s still a pretty great deal. That’s probably a bit of a good thing, because you might be wondering how Google makes money from that? Although you can get one for a fee. something pin more clearly You as a user are not bombarded with ads like YouTube does.

However, this may change soon: the company sees the possibility of redirecting its users to advertisers’ sites. This feature will then also be tested, as shown in the screenshot below. But the question is whether people are waiting for it?

Quoted from Waze

It must be said: it has been a long time since we saw such a move from Google when it comes to maps. Navigation apps like Waze have long been used to showing an ad while you wait at a traffic light and moving to it if you wish. However, this function has always been a bit controversial until now, since you as a driver have to focus your full attention on the road, not on McDonald’s ads.

In particular, the way the ads will be served doesn’t seem particularly practical, let alone safe. Well, if we had self-driving cars now, it would be a different story. Oh no, because then we wouldn’t have to navigate anymore. Maybe Google also sees this connection somewhere in the distance and is trying to make some quick money with Maps before it’s too late.

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