Google Gmail completely changes on Android and iPhone by AI

Google Gmail completely changes on Android and iPhone by AI

You probably think of ChatGPT when you think of AI, but there are so many more. Other companies are also integrating AI into their existing services to improve them. Google is no exception, not only with Bard, but also with Gmail on iPhone and Android.

Artificial intelligence has been reigning since ChatGPT. A digital assistant that you can provide for all sorts of tasks is ideal, but companies can do a lot more with AI. While Adobe Photoshop makes it more accessible than ever before, Google is improving Gmail for iPhone and Android devices.

AI and Google

Google’s biggest AI project is Bard, which is supposed to be a competitor to ChatGPT. But AI can also be applied in many other ways. What if it could help you improve Gmail on Android and iPhone? This way you will spend less time reading, replying and deleting emails.

Searching for a specific email in Gmail can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, artificial intelligence makes it much easier. It uses your search term, most recent emails, and other relevant factors to figure out what email you’re looking for.

The results are then displayed in a special list, with the most likely outcome appearing at the top. Google is slowly rolling this out, so you’ll soon see it appear on your iPhone or Android device. Whether it will also be available for the desktop version is still unknown.

The future of Gmail on iPhone and Android

However, artificial intelligence is not entirely new to Gmail. There are already features that use artificial intelligence. This allows you to quickly send short replies suggested by Google on Android and iPhone and helps you compose emails.

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Gmail on your phone (Photo: Unsplash/Solen Feyissa)

Of course, this can be expanded further in the future. Imagine being able to tell Gmail exactly what kind of email you want to send, and then have it do it for you. This will become possible if Google Bard and Gmail are linked together. Well, that’s all still waiting.

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How Gmail is completely transformed on your iPhone and Android device by AI

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