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Google has made a number of improvements to Chrome’s password manager. This makes it possible on all platforms to manually enter login details, set suggested passwords, and see reports of compromised or weak passwords.

Google has also overhauled the design of Chrome’s password manager, making the user interface more compatible between the desktop version and the version on Android. must be† The company also ensures that different login details from the same site are collected automatically from now on so that they are easy to find. To give faster access to the password manager, Google also introduced a password manager shortcut a few weeks ago that can be placed on the Android homepage.

It will now be possible on all platforms where a Chrome password manager can be found, to manually add login data and receive strong password suggestions. The company is also expanding its password-checking functionality to notify users on all platforms when a password has been compromised, weakened, or previously reused. Android users will soon be able to log into a website via Touch-to-Login, an on-screen overlay that allows one-touch login.

Chrome password manager
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