Google develops the application to learn dying languages ​​with image recognition – computer – news

one word? Your Dutch teacher needs to talk to you about this : s (Sorry, I usually don’t get very careful with the language, but if you want to “memorize Dutch” then do it well).

Moreover, the language is a dynamic thing, and the reset is part of Dutch (source: Lots of classic Dutch words also have their roots in other languages, and there’s nothing wrong with that and it doesn’t make the Dutch language more / less forgotten or less / more. Words that literally trace back to the Netherlands will constitute a minority in the language, both now and in the past. There are now nearly 30 million people who speak Dutch, 25 million of whom are native speakers, and it is known now more than ever. :)

Many dialects are on the way to being forgotten, and this app might be fun for that. I wonder how much this adds to language retention if it is really nothing more than a dictionary with pictures as input, the vocabulary is only part of the language of course.

Notice. Reset is probably a good synonym for a reset. The kit comes from the Middle Dutch group, just like the one in the reset. Just instead of repeating, we usually use the Dutch language. Recovering is a little familiar synonym that you can use as well.

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