Google cuts Stadia developer fee to 15 percent – Games – News

I think that everything so beautiful and easy can all be done. But people usually don’t think about the drawbacks of the cloud in general. Whether it’s Spotify, Netflix, Stadia, Ggorce now, etc. Ultimately, we are heading towards a world where consumers no longer have physical control and/or control over their data or products. Soon we’ll only be judged to have a subscription to everything digital.

The same phenomenon can be seen in the coin. Less ATMs, you prefer less cash circulation. All bank accounts are fully digital. You still have to pay for the so-called internet banking services as well. You no longer receive interest, but you have to pay to get your money in the bank.

It has become a strange world…..a very sensitive reaction to it and everything inside me screams “Cut”.

sjeu is getting a little off. We are immersed in a wealth of data/products that can be accessed with a single glance. The effort you put in, for example, early on to get a CD from the free record store. Catch a great album from the tank. Then listen to the cash register at the counter before buying it…..

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