Google Chrome for Android gets RSS feed tracking feature – Tablets and Phones – News

Programmers still use RSS, especially the data distribution part. It was mostly known to the general public at the time of the newsgroup scene, before media became social, and the RSS protocol is kind of welcomed among data scientists; Useful as a header scanner with quick GUI access to basic features like sorting, grouping, and filtering. Essential for managing expressions in large data sets.

I’m still using a very old tool, without regex, along with the oldskool http2socket tunnel still one of the safer solutions. With enriched .kml and some scripting it is also useful for 3D applications. As far as I’m concerned, bit parsing is still the Swiss army knife, although many would say cURL but outsourcing a setup with bcrypt or tcpcrypt and authentication is more secure, with far fewer dependencies. And regarding authentication, you can easily use any openssl app.

Incidentally, Google has done the same with its own QUIC protocol, also called HTTP/3, which simply transmits tcp packets as binary data via udp authentication and external sources. They are all also referred to as TCP/2. Since then, Google has focused more on authorization.

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