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Google has released Android 12L update for Pixel smartphones. The update for foldable devices and tablets. Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft will release devices running Android 12L later this year. Pixel phones will also receive an update with new functions.

Android 12L is an update to Android 12 that comes first for Pixel smartphones, but will reach more devices later. The update brings improvements to foldable smartphones and devices with large screens. For example, Notifications and Quick Settings get their own column, right next to each other, so users can swipe away notifications. Settings also appear in two columns, one with a preview.

In addition, there is a toolbar for quick switching between applications, and Android 12L allows users to view two applications side by side in one application split screen-Show. It will be released later this year tablets and foldable With Android 12L And Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft, among others, have plans to supply the devices with the release. also Android 13 And later versions will include features for large-screen devices, as Google promises.

Android 12L Tablet Settings

At the same time, Google announced the release of Drop a new feature For Pixel devices. Google is extending Live Caption to conversations with this one. Google explains: “When you’re on a phone call, you can see a text of what the other person is saying, and type a response, which will be read out at the other end.” Snapchat is also getting support for Night Sight, a new battery status widget for connected devices and conversations can be translated in Spanish, Italian and French directly via Live Translate.

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Android 12L and Feature Drop for supported Pixel devices will appear. The Pixel 3 is no longer part of that and the Pixel 6 will have to wait for updates.

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