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According to rumors, Google had dropped the Pixel 5a, but in response to the rumors, Google announced the smartphone. The Pixel 5a is scheduled to launch later this year.

at interaction A Google spokesperson has informed The Verge that the Pixel 5 has not been dropped and will be released later this year. According to Google, the phone will appear in the US and Japan later this year.

On Twitter John Prosser came up with a rumor that the Pixel 5a will not be released anymore and Android Central Has been confirmed These rumors. The reason will be the global shortage of chips. This rumor turned out to be untrue.

It is not known yet what the specifications of the phone are and when it will be released. Previous Pixel phone variants were usually less powerful than the flagship model. This is expected to be the case again with the Pixel 5a.

It is unclear how far Google has advanced in developing the Pixel 5a. The latest rumors were about the smartphone Makes OnLeaks, which appeared in February.

Update 7:45 pm: Commenting on The Verge, a Google spokesperson has revealed rumors of dropping the Pixel 5a. We have adapted the message accordingly.

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