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As the bad news usually dominates, the good news sometimes trickles in. That is why we have included some positive and cheerful Saturday messages. With this week: The number of jobless claims has never been this large. And suddenly a flying pigeon was seen again, which seemed to be extinct after 140 years.

According to Statistics Holland, this only relates to the current unemployment benefits of 150,000 per month. “Since we’ve been tracking this, the number hasn’t been so small, while now there are more people,” says chief economist Peter Heine van Meulgen of the Statistics Office, which has been recording the number of unemployment benefits since 1998.

With the “Wadden mosaic” project, the researchers hoped to create a better breeding ground for nature. The first results are promising reports Umrop Friesland. On average, five times as many fish live around the artificial reef as in the sandy areas around it. It also turns out that the number of different species growing around coral reefs is quite large. In addition, more seals have been spotted.

There was more good news this week. Among other things, these letters, with news big or small, gave us a smile to the editor:

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