Good Morning Bitcoin: The New Bill in America

Good Morning Bitcoin: The New Bill in America

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The ‘Digital Trade Clarity Act of 2022’ should provide more certainty for companies in the US. It essentially clarifies existing rules and guidelines. Consider, for example, conservation laws.

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The United States, like many other countries, is struggling with regulations surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Senator Bill Haggerty, a member of the banking committee, said his proposal would provide more clarity.

He wants to improve two important things:

  1. Classification of digital assets
  2. This eligibility also includes existing rules

Telefonica accepts Bitcoin for their services. It has partnered with Spanish telco Bit2ME to accept BTC and various other tokens.

The company is one of the largest telephone companies in Spain. This is nothing new. Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, many companies have started accepting BTC. However, this is a small new step. For example, Spanish airline Vueling will start accepting Bitcoin payments for their flights in 2023.

Nexo moves 7,758 Bitcoin. The company is under pressure and is taking 7,758 capped bitcoins from MakerDAO.

You can receive wrapped (or wrapped) Bitcoin by sending real Bitcoin to a specific address. Instead you get a token representing Bitcoin on another network. As long as it’s good, you can exchange your backed bitcoin and get it back.

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