Golfer Gildrop dreams of the Solheim Cup: “That’s the ultimate goal” |  Sports area

Golfer Gildrop dreams of the Solheim Cup: “That’s the ultimate goal” | Sports area

This weekend, golf star Anouk Klarenbeck will compete with the women’s golf club Eindhovense for the national championship. The tension is high, but Geldropse’s talent for golf is especially eyeing for it. “It’s like going on a weekend getaway with girlfriends, but it’s a little different.”

This statement says a lot about the atmosphere at the Eindhovensche Golf Women’s Team. “The youngest player was 16 and the oldest was 27,” says Captain Anouk Klarenbeck, 19. She herself has been a part of Team Banner for a few years, who actually became a national champion two years ago. We’d like to repeat. Our goal is really to become champions, and we don’t do it for less than that.”

PSV Golf Hautrac will compete in the semi-finals on Saturday and will be followed by a showdown with De Panne or Koninkliki Hajsch on Sunday if they win. “All teams are good,” says Klarenbeck. But:,, We are eight good players and with the exception of one draw we won everything in the regular season. We treat each match as if it were a decision game, so we also go into this weekend with the right focus. It will be tough, but to become a national champion you need to be able to beat everyone. There is enough confidence in our team and I am convinced that we will succeed.”

Not by chance

It is no coincidence that there are so many young talents at the Eindhovenci Golf Club. According to Klarenbeek, the club does a lot to attract young players from the region, and the training facilities are of a high standard as well. There are many like-minded people here with the same goal, says Klarenbeck, who spends 25 to 30 hours a week on the sport she plays. As a result, you also develop a social life in this place. In our team, the athletic side and the social personality come together in a very beautiful way. We take games and our evolution very seriously, but there is also a lot of laughter.”

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Klarenbeck dreams of becoming a professional golfer and progressing to the Ladies European Tour, the highest level in Europe. She knows there is still a long way to go. “First of all, I just really love golf. I especially enjoy this period of the year, when many matches and tournaments are played.

In order to make a difference with its competitors, Klarenbeek mainly tries to play smart. ,, I spend a lot of time preparing for the match and have a clear plan for each hole. It’s been a huge hit for a woman, which works for me a lot. ’ Her ultimate dream is to participate in the Solheim Cup, which is the women’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup where the best golf professionals from Europe and America compete against each other. , but became the first champion this weekend.

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