Glennis Grace allows performances to continue despite arrest following a violent incident

Glennis Grace allows performances to continue despite arrest following a violent incident

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Her manager confirms this after reporting from RTL Boulevard† The spokeswoman said the premiere on her agenda, at the Amsterdam Harbor Club on March 26, will continue.

However, the party is no longer on the agenda on the Harbor Club website. Their booking agent could not be reached for comment this afternoon. After that party, a tour of the club through the Netherlands and Belgium will be planned from the end of April, which should also continue.


Glenda Bata, as she is really called Glenys Grace, was born on Saturday with her 15-year-old son and a family friend. Held in Jumbo Supermarket At the Westerstraat in Amsterdam. The son is said to have been violently kicked out of the store earlier in the evening after he pulled an e-cigarette inside, which is under the smoking ban.

Glennis returned to the supermarket later in the evening with a group of acquaintances to address the concerned staff. A fight ensued.

Free, but suspicious

The three were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and premeditated assault. Glennis and her attorney have stated that she has not done anything criminal. She was going to push someone and try to stop the fight she wouldn’t have been in.

The singer, her son, and her boyfriend were released on Tuesday but have been released Still suspicious† They are not allowed in or near Jumbo and have no contact with staff. In addition to the three, according to the Public Prosecution Office, four other suspects were involved in the brawl, and the police are still verifying their identity. The manager does not want to say anything about the current situation.

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