Les bij ASTRON in Dwingeloo

Girls immerse themselves in technology on Astron Girls’ Day

Today is Girls’ Day and on this day of the year we try to attract more girls who are interested in technology. This phenomenon came from America and Astron responds to it. They would like to see more women within their institution and in science, and therefore they all organize puzzles and experiments only for girls.

So there is no class in the classroom today, but on the LOFAR website where girls learn all about space. “I think it’s really cool to be here. We don’t know a lot of things yet, and after today I know more about what I don’t really know. It’s all so interesting, it makes me so excited,” says Floor Student Dr. Nassau College.

And that enthusiasm is exactly what Mike Mephius, an astronomer at Astron, was hoping to convey. “I tell them something about cuteness, but that’s not the most important thing. It’s that they see that I’m excited and that the work we do here is a lot of fun. I hope they care about what we’re doing.”

Milvius would like to see more women enter academia. And that this profession does not go hand in hand with a rich private life, according to her, is nonsense. “I’m here with a colleague, who is also a woman. It’s great to combine family life with work in academia.”

Girls’ Day takes center stage, so there are no Astron boys today. Stay in the classroom. The Word: “In a way it’s annoying to them, but I find it very funny.”

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