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So much rubbish that cleaners spend half a day cleaning. The Belgian city of Ghent is tired of the huge amount of waste in the famous Citadel Park and will be leaving everything behind as an experiment in the coming weeks. “We can’t take this any further.”

It was the disgrace of the week when last Thursday the castle garden turned into a veritable landfill. The culprits: Lots of guys who had a garden party the night before. There was great resentment, especially because Ghent is trying to put an end to the many landfills.

Belgian politician Joris Vandenbroek suggested setting up a project like what is happening in the old port of Ghent. Anyone who catches trash from the water with a canoe there, can use this canoe for free. Winning, it works. “And, if it can be done on water, why not work on land?” Vandenbrooke asks. “We can then reward clean park users with a museum visit or a free drink, for example.”


But the city council is tired of it, and comes up with the opposite plan. “Why do we keep cleaning up,” said Flemish politician Astrid de Bruecker. The Groendienst sometimes spends half a day clearing debris from parks, when in fact they must be managing the green space. That’s why we’ll be leaving the trash at Citadel Park from now on. Not in the entire park of course, the area around the playground will be cleaned, glass and hazardous waste will also be removed. But we leave the trash in a clearly marked area. We want to confront polluters with their behaviour. We hope this opens people’s eyes. it’s time “.

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“This is obviously being worked on with all the services involved, and this includes good communication with the park users. We are really interested in the outcome and hope to make it clear to park visitors that the park is not cleaning after itself. The waste belongs in the trash and if it is full we ask that you move it to Next trash or home. “We’re really interested in the results of the trial,” says de Brucker.


“We’ve actually come so far that we have to do these kinds of experiments,” Vandenbroek answers. “It is not pleasant, and he has left his waste behind. Let us hope that it soon becomes clear how anti-social it is to leave your waste in our gardens.” In the meantime, it is also being examined whether something can be set up with rewards, as suggested by Joris Vandenbroucke.

The polluted castle garden - again.

The polluted castle garden – again. © Astrid de Bruecker – rv

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