Germany secures the first symbolic shipment of gas from Abu Dhabi |  Currently

Germany secures the first symbolic shipment of gas from Abu Dhabi | Currently

Abu Dhabi’s state oil company (ADNOC) will supply Germany with liquefied natural gas, also known as liquefied natural gas, this year. This is the result of a deal concluded with the German energy group RWE. This made Chancellor Olaf Schultz’s trip to the Middle East a tangible success on Sunday.

Schulz traveled to the Gulf region with a group of business leaders this weekend to negotiate deals to supply liquefied natural gas to Germany. This gas could be an alternative to Russian gas, after Russia stopped gas deliveries.

“We must ensure that LNG production is promoted in the world in a way that meets high demand without relying on production capacity in Russia,” Schultz told reporters before announcing the agreement.

The intention is for the Arabs to send the first gas shipment to Germany before the end of the year. Then it is still a relatively small amount of 137,000 cubic metres, he writes Reuters. Next year, more cargo is expected to be sent to Germany, where work is underway to build two new (floating) LNG terminals. They have an annual import capacity of 12.5 billion cubic meters. This corresponds to about 13 percent of Germany’s annual needs.

Schulz traveled to Qatar after his meetings in Abu Dhabi, where he spoke with Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani about LNG supplies. According to the chancellor, both countries want to “make progress” on this point.

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