“Germany is now a burden on the European economy.”

“Germany is now a burden on the European economy.”

Our eastern neighbors are in deep distress. Its economy faces cyclical and structural obstacles. According to Allianz Trade, the German economy is in dire need of comprehensive reform, but the plan to achieve this has been delayed.

Why is this important?

Within just a few months, the European engine stopped. Germany remains the country with the largest economy in Europe, but its structure leads to a long-term decline that was not expected or prepared for.

In the news: Allianz Trade, the world’s largest credit insurance company, paints a less than rosy picture of the German economy.

Growth, energy prices, foreign investments, exports… A few days ago, we explained the dismal state of the German economy in ten figures.

  • Allianz Trade confirms in its latest report: “Germany is the only major economy that showed negative growth in 2023.” Economic growth in Germany this year is expected to reach -0.4

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