German CIO very interested in private 5G networks

German CIO very interested in private 5G networks

Almost all CIOs of major companies in Germany, the US, Japan or the UK are planning or already having their own 5G network. They point out the advantages but also the complexity. A survey of 216 CIOs at companies with a turnover of 250 million to $1 billion around 5G indicates that 30 percent of them are already working on private 5G. Another 51 percent want to do so in the next six to 24 months.

The numbers come from Economist Impact, although we should add that this study is paid for and shared by NTT, which provides managed 5G services. The survey also focuses on four large countries with a strong economic footprint. Therefore results from 1 to 1 cannot be translated into Belgium.

But among the regions surveyed, Germany appears to be the leader. There, forty percent of CIOs surveyed are already working on private 5G. In the United Kingdom 28%, Japan 26% and in the United States 24%.

The main reason for choosing a private network is more control over company data. Coverage and speed, or latency compared to current solutions (wifi or 4G and public 5G) are mentioned.

But 44 percent also say that integration with legacy systems and networks is an obstacle, as is the complexity of managing such a network. Partly for this reason, some are consciously looking into outsourcing, in the absence of their own experience with the new network technology.

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