Games are taking over: 'I don't feel at home at home'

Games are taking over: ‘I don’t feel at home at home’

There are games all over the room. “It looks like play heaven,” says Florian. Victor notes that he has no children, but thinks the room smells like nappies and wipes. Pick up a jar of pee from the ground. “Sometimes I have a bit of a relationship with people who have kids: they find things like this very normal.”

Not at home in your house

After the initial examination, the family comes to tell them what they also want. Jennifer says that more and more toys have been added and that she does not have time to sort them out. “It’s been so long that I don’t know where to begin,” she sighs. “You never have peace in your house, because there is chaos everywhere, so I don’t feel at home in my house.”

Ricciardo is also not happy with the situation. When he comes home after work, he feels like he can clean it up again. “That makes sense, because she doesn’t have much time early in the morning either, but it bothers you.” It causes mutual discomfort.

toys and clothes

All belongings are taken out of the house and displayed in a large shed on the floor. When you enter the family, they notice that there are a lot of clothes and toys. There are, among other things, 801 children’s T-shirts and jackets, 179 children’s books and 39 horse blankets. “That all really fits our house,” Jennifer says as she walks through the rows of things.

Organizer Eefje helps choose children’s clothes. “I don’t even know where to start anymore, because it’s already a lot,” she says. “This isn’t my first time in the warehouse, nor the first time I’ve worn baby clothes, but we haven’t tested this yet.” They start by donating all clothes under a size 80.

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The team completely redecorated the house. Jaylen, 5, now has her own room and the boys sleep in another room. By selling a few things, they were able to buy a new sofa for the living room. Jennifer is so happy. “Now you can be proud of your home again, instead of being ashamed of it.”

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