G7 countries make joint statement against China

G7 countries make joint statement against China

This is what the news agency says Reuters, who has already seen part of the closing statement. The G7 countries (Germany, France, Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan) are asking China to make some changes in its policy.

Uyghur issue قضية

In the statement, the G7 called on China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, especially in the Xinjiang region. Xianjiang is the region where China is cracking down on the Uyghur people, a Muslim minority that the Chinese government considers dangerous.

The statement is not limited to the Uyghurs alone. The G7 is calling for China to grant Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy. In recent years, China has greatly increased its grip on Hong Kong. Popular protests were suppressed by China and opposition leaders were arrested.

Finally, attention is also paid to the South China Sea. China is trying to seize the sea, much to the chagrin of Japan and South Korea, who both claim they are entitled to some water. So tensions are rising in East Asia.

Biden Initiative

There is no doubt that the initiative to reach a joint statement came from the United States. Rob de Wijk, professor of international relations, previously explained that the United States is looking for allies in the West to counter China’s power.

De Wejk: China is an authoritarian state. That is, it wants to win over countries through economic power. This is something that can cause division in the Western world, in Europe. In the video below, we explain why the fear of global power is growing in China:

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China: Your dictatorship is over

China has already responded forcefully to the G7 summit. The country says the time is over when a small club could tell the rest of the world what to do.

In the future, China wants to organize such summits with more countries. The G7 plan to support developing countries so that they become less dependent on growing Chinese influence has also been criticized.

Search the aura

The G7 countries bring up another point that China opposes. They want a new independent investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. In a previous study in Wuhan, scientists from the World Health Organization were still limited in what they could do.

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