Future television advertising priorities

The future of television advertising

Internet-connected TV also means that the device can no longer only display traditional ether signals. a Connected TV (CTV) is also the delivery of new media such as Twitch, Vimeo or YouTube and entertainment via game consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. This profound shift clearly has implications for TV ad marketers as well awareness You want to create with consumers. There are countless reasons why CTV ads have been called the future of video ads. in this context PubMatic, a Selling sideA platform in the digital realm Advertising, search report The future of CTV advertising in Europe Chest.

This report is based on a survey he conducted VideoWeek Search. This research agency has conducted 60 in-depth interviews in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Sweden with parties in Side buy – Agencies and Advertisers – and Selling sideBroadcasters And publishers. Additionally, data were collected about CTV, broadband infrastructure, and usage Video subscription on demand (SVOD) and ad spend, to develop scorecards for market development and market opportunity. These scores were combined with feedback from the respondents.

CTV Automated Advertising

The report charted the advertising industry’s expectations for to me CTV ads in Europe. Research shows that while this form of advertising is developing rapidly, it is still small on the European continent compared to the USA. Additionally, the post mentions five important aspects on which CTV ads must be developed. For example, the methods of measurement should be fairly standardized. This is an overview of the main findings.

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Europe has two faces

Players in the European CTV advertising market are developing at two different speeds. Big international players often have standardized content, technology, and data infrastructure. They are trying to storm the market at a fast pace. Local parties are slowing down, but nevertheless they are actively developing new TV advertising solutions.

Local innovation is gaining momentum

CTV in Europe has evolved from an abstract concept to a tangible solution. Although CTV has been talked about for some time in the advertising industry, there has been a backlog in the development of advertising solutions. In the past year, a large number of new offers have entered the market, resulting in an unprecedented mix of supply and demand across all markets.

The mechanism is no longer a side problem, but it is still in its infancy

In most markets, CTV has developed in a broader perspective Addressing TV show. Combined with high-quality limited exposure and the lack of a roadmap for CTV ads, this led to this to me Until now it was often just a side issue. although to me CTV ads in Europe are small compared to the USA Selling side Already in the future in which it is to me Advertising is the driving force behind future growth. The Side buy be seen to me CTV ads as a way to enter their own data.

Double segmentation frustrates buyers

Buyers should be able to operate without issues with CTV ads showing. However, the stock is currently in several separate silos. The success of traditional TV ads is partly due to their ability to reach audiences widely through various channels. Due to single CTV commercials for Broadcasters Due to limited technical interoperability, this feature is currently difficult to achieve for CTV ads.

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Now is the time to bridge the gap

Most of the advertising technology companies want to change the ads so that the focus is more on the viewing experience. In doing so, they aim to improve brands’ performance and increase publisher revenue – and now also CTV content providers. The research shows five important aspects in which CTV ads should be further developed:

  1. Definitions should be simpler for buyers and sellers, so that they are more common best practices Consistency is achieved throughout the entire supply and demand process.
  2. Measurement methods must be standardized in a transparent and fair manner.
  3. Broadcasters You shouldn’t focus on it Addressing Linear TV solutions such as prof Hybrid Broadband TV broadcasting (HbbTV) and A. Decoding (STB), but it needs to develop in-depth expertise within the app economy. Since the use of applications is increasing, it is important in the context of CTV to bring this to consumers’ attention.
  4. The importance of cooperation is increasing. Individuals participating in the CTV market must understand that success comes from developing solutions and making decisions together. It is not done by fighting over who controls, for example, the data and methods of measurement.
  5. More experiments and application to me – The name met Vertical bids – necessary to secure additional expenses. When doing this, it is important to be more inclusive fruitapproach.

Own CTV development Vertical bidsSolutions are quickly gaining importance. Unlike video and linear TV ads, CTV ads are served in Pods. at Under Two or more ads are displayed consecutively. To ensure that a single ad is not shown often and that the ads are separated from the competitors, there is CTV’s special Vertical bidsSolutions to optimize campaigns and improve your viewing experience.

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Because CTV ads present unique challenges and opportunities, brands and agencies must invest in building CTV knowledge. If they don’t have the right knowledge and talent, this detracts from the value CTV can offer brands and content developers. The new group of professionals should play an active role in the initiatives that make up CTV. They must educate the wider ecosystem so that the resulting standards and best practices With all of the stakeholders in mind – not just the major organizations. Moreover, the research shows that companies across Europe within the industry work together to ensure a level playing field and fair competition. This increases the CTV value.

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