Fury Druids DLC Review

Fury Druids DLC Review

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is ready for her The first DLC. At least if you’re still feeling it after the massive base game, which has more than a hundred hours of gameplay in it. JJ didn’t make it to 100 hours. At some point his sentence disappeared. Despite this, he takes a closer look at the first DLC under the name Wrath of the Druids. Because it’s not because he wasn’t having a good time with Valhalla. It was just too big. But now, with a new chunk of content, tensions are back. In his opinion, is Wrath of the Druids worth picking alongside the main game? You can find the answer in our Rage of the Druids review.

Much shorter than the base game

Valhalla’s core gameplay – if you like to play the game 100% – is more than enough to keep you busy for a (very) long time. Play times of over a hundred hours are not really surprising. Which of course raises the question if you need DLC at all. In this regard: Fresh content with a new story is always great. And what makes this even more amazing – and even easier – is that the main campaign for this new DLC takes about 15 hours of play time. Much shorter than the base game, which makes DLC a little easier. Getting started with DLC is also easy; Talk to a lady in the port and travel to Ireland. You should be at level 50, but if you play the game a little, that shouldn’t be an issue according to JJ

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Who is this DLC for?

Of course, we will not disclose how the story of this downloadable content goes. That’s why we refer you to the video or you can capture the DLC yourself. What we can reveal is that this downloadable content is looking refreshed. How new, you will of course find this answer in our Rage of the Druids review.

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