French publisher refuses to change “offensive” terms in Roald Dahl’s books | Book and culture

The French versions of Roald Dahl’s children’s books have not been adapted. A spokesman for the publishing company Gallimar told AFP on Tuesday France Press agency. It was previously known that “offensive” terms in Dahl’s English books had been changed or removed.

British publisher Puffin altered hundreds of clips so that “everyone could enjoy” Dahl’s work. This is how personality exists Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) no longer “fat” but “bulky”, the Oompa Loompas are gender neutral in the same book and in fools (creeps) no longer describes the main female character as “ugly”.

Therefore such modifications will not be made in French books. “This rewrite only applies to the UK,” Gallimard’s spokesperson said. “We haven’t changed Roald Dahl’s work, and we don’t plan to do so now.” Gallimard appears to be the first to disagree with the British publisher’s wishes.

It is not yet clear if the Dutch versions will change. Publisher De Fontein announced that he would speak first with the British publisher.

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