Fraud service that has been exploited, more than a hundred arrests in Walmere England |  Abroad

Fraud service that has been exploited, more than a hundred arrests in Walmere England | Abroad

An international emergency service for offenders was taken off the air this week. British media reported that more than a hundred people were arrested in the UK. Arrests took place in the Netherlands. According to NOS and NRC, it concerns two young men from Almere, aged 19 and 22.

Criminals have been able to use software from the iSpoof scam service to disguise their phone number and pose as an official body, such as a bank. In this way, scammers can eventually extort people’s data and money. They often paid for the service in bitcoins.

It is estimated that around 200,000 people have been scammed with the help of iSpoof. Tens of millions of euros stolen from people. Of the 10 million calls made with iSpoof, 40 percent were in the US and 35 percent were in the UK. The rest of the calls were made in some other European countries and Australia.

The scammers thought they could operate anonymously, but the authorities managed to hack into iSpoof, which had 59,000 users at its peak. The service has been in the air since December 2020 and more than half a year later, police in London have launched an investigation. She received assistance from the police services of the Netherlands, the United States and Ukraine.

iSpoof servers were running in Almyra. The police can thus make use of the service, so that fraudulent calls can be heard. The prime suspect is Teejai Fletcher, who is alleged to be the mastermind behind iSpoof. According to the police, he has been living a lavish lifestyle and was arrested in London earlier this month.

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