Frankie van der Elst is tough for American soccer player Dante Vanseer

The bullet looks through the church. Dante Vanseer left Union SG to play in the American MLS with the New York Red Bulls.

Karel Gerrards confirmed this afternoon that Dante Vancier has not taken his medical for a transfer. An understandable choice according to Frankie van der Elst from Vanseer’s point of view.

“In part, yes. America, New York… it’s attractive to a young player who wants something other than football. If the finances are good too… American football is no longer in its infancy. It’s top-of-the-order over there,” blares Head Newsblad.

But game-wise it’s a huge setback. “He’s only 24 and you can really make the case that he can try in a top league in Europe. I don’t think such a choice is easy. He’s shown he’s a good striker in the Union, but is he a striker for a good European competition? I doubt it though. Also sporty, but interesting outside of that. If you get a proposal…”

“I think he’s on the edge: Can I go to the real top? Can I be a regular Red Devil? Maybe he’s thinking: That’s not possible. Then I want to have this adventure. It’s not a frantic fellow who immediately goes, ‘Oh, America, good!’

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