France and other countries stop their military mission in Mali

France and other countries stop their military mission in Mali

Africa reporter Ellis van Gelder:

“The current military rulers are done with what they see as constant French interference in their lands and they want to run their own affairs. Where it started with financial support, it is now seen as a leash. France has solved a problem moreover, they cannot solve jihad, so Mali’s leaders want to look forward. to other partners.

The part of the Malian population that makes their voices heard is also becoming increasingly anti-French. Citizens are angry at the economic sanctions imposed by the West African regional organization ECOWAS. It happened after military leaders postponed the democratic elections scheduled for this month. But this is not blamed on them but on the former colonizer France, because that country supports sanctions. It is disastrous for this poor country.

It remains to be seen how Mali’s fight against extremists will end. Despite Mali’s denials, there is evidence that Russian Wagner mercenaries are active there. And they don’t have the best reputation. They are accused of human rights abuses in other countries, such as the Central African Republic. More safety for Mali is only a guarantee that the French will leave.”

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