Fortnite creator on day 1 beta: Apple exercises complete control

Fortnite creator on day 1 beta: Apple exercises complete control

Tim Sweeney of Epic Games, creator of the successful Fortnite game, admitted in court that he had intentionally violated App Store rules. It did this by introducing a payment system in Fortnite last year, with which the game maker bypassed Apple’s download store.

Sweeney said in a California courtroom: “I wanted the world to see that Apple has complete control over all iOS software. Apple uses this control to prevent users from accessing apps. This is where the major lawsuit that Epic filed against the tech giant started today. .

The developer accuses Apple of abusing power. On the same day that Epic introduced its in-game payment system, Apple pulled Fortnite from its digital store. The game is still not available for download from the App Store today.

He was also accused of abuse of power by the European Commission

Epic believes Apple is violating competition rules. The game maker thinks the company’s commission is too high, which will hurt app makers and consumers. In this case, Epic hopes to force two changes: it wants to be able to use its payment system and you want to allow other download stores on iOS devices.

In court, Epic compared the app store to a “walled garden,” a strategy that aims to cut as many fees as possible from app developers. Apple defends itself, among other things, by saying that the commission (in this case 30 percent) is a regular occurrence. The iPhone maker also says it uses the fees to make the App Store a safe digital provider for consumers. The primary treatment is expected to take three weeks.

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The European Commission has previously accused Apple of misusing its dominant position. The European Commission has a special interest in distributing music apps.

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