Fortnite Chapter 3: Here’s what’s new in the biggest update in years

Fortnite Chapter 3: Here’s what’s new in the biggest update in years

Fortnite is a live game: the game is constantly expanding with characters, items, events, story pieces, and locations. Sometimes it happens drop by drop, now all at once. Epic Games has expanded Fortnite with Chapter 3, its first season start now Went.

Quick update: Fortnite chapters are the chapters that often revolve around one big story element. For example, the second chapter started in October 2019, starting with a new game world after the old one through a black hole have swallowed. All kinds of news were added in the eight seasons of Chapter 2, until the cubes fell on Fortnite Island in recent months.

This brings the end of the chapter to the horizon: the island has literally been flipped to reveal a new game world.

New locations and weather conditions

A whole new game world, with all kinds of new places to discover and new characters and items to unlock. The island has diverse regions: a snowy part in the west, a tropical part with a bay in the east and a desert in the south.

New weather conditions are changed. For example, players can be surprised by a massive tornado or thunderstorm. For example, such a tornado can sweep away players.

There are also new locations on the island, such as The Daily Bugle, the newspaper building where Spider-Man operates. At Chonker’s Speedway, players can grab a car and challenge each other to a race.

Basically the same thing: be the last one

Despite the new locations and capabilities, Fortnite remains basically the same. Players land 100 at a time on an island, searching for weapons and especially each other. They eliminate each other, and the last survivor wins the game.

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Paid Battle Pass

Points are earned as you play, which can be used to unlock new characters, weapons, items, and more. The offer available depends, among other things, on whether players get a paid Battle Pass or whether they play the game entirely for free.

Those who purchase such a Battle Pass for Chapter 3 of Season 1 will have time in the coming months to unlock all the new additions. Big new characters include Spider-Man and “The Foundation,” a character played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is the leader of ‘The Seven’, a group of characters that play an important role in the core story of Fortnite.

swing and slide

Players also get new opportunities to move around. In addition to running, jumping and building heights, players can now slide down a hill. To do this, players must press the crawl button while descending. While sliding, players move quickly, but can still shoot and shoot.

And more Spider-Man: The spider web swing familiar to the comic book hero has been added to Fortnite. Players can swing from one building to another at great heights, moving the world in a new way.

New weapons include two new close-range rifles, the Ranger Assault Rifle, and the long-range Hunter Bolt Sniper. Players can also explore the new world via a new motorboat, and with their group they can create a camp site where items can be stored. Also, characters can be healed in the tent.

New crown for the winner

Fortnite winners are now more visible with the crown they can earn. The ‘Victory Crown’ is a stunning golden crown that players can put on their heads in the next match after they win. This isn’t just for show: whoever wears the crown earns bonus points.

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The Victory Crown will be awarded to the top four players in the game’s Solo mode, the best two teams in Duo mode, and the winning team in Trio and Squads modes. Anyone who calls a player a crown can take that crown and continue to wear the rest of the game.

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