Formula 1 Podcast |  “It is not good for Schumacher that you are bidding on Gunther Steiner’s sales.” |  sports

Formula 1 Podcast | “It is not good for Schumacher that you are bidding on Gunther Steiner’s sales.” | sports

Formula 1 has a three-week period without a race. The perfect time to post your resume. So did Guenter Steiner, the boss of the Haas team. Etienne Verhoef and Arjan Schotten talk about this book in a new Pitstop, Formula 1 podcast for AD Sportwereld. BONUS: Racing in China and Can You Become a Formula 1 Billionaire?

A biography of someone who is still active in Formula 1. Arjan Skotin notes that he rarely does when he looks at his bookcase. “I have a closet full of biographies, but almost all of the covers have an unauthorized biography on them. Then you know…and I have a biography on Damon Hill and Jenson Button. They’re already retired and Gunther Steiner still has to go on. This is a breaking trend.”

And in the book Steiner attacks Mick Schumacher. Michael’s son drove for Haas for two years and cost the team more than 1.9 million euros, says the team boss in his autobiography. “Of course, Haas has received a lot of attention for putting Schumacher in that car. We’ve found out regularly over the past two years that Mick Schumacher only exists in this world because of his last name. It’s not good for Schumacher to be a Gunther Steiner quote.”

Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tiger Woods. They have all become billionaires through their sports. Formula 1 makes good money, but can you also become a billionaire? “At first I would say no, but Toto Wolff is now on the Forbes lists in America with a fortune of over a billion. So it’s possible. He has interests in teams and drivers. He’s a very smart businessman. You also notice that when you talk to him. He’s an investor and he has A nose for opportunity.”

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