Former Hookween actress Tirza Van Dill starts a podcast about determination: 'I wanted to do something with the stories that came my way'

Former Hookween actress Tirza Van Dill starts a podcast about determination: ‘I wanted to do something with the stories that came my way’

Tirza has started a podcast about morale. Photo: Photo provided

Tirza van Dill, from Hooghly, moved the Netherlands to New York in 2016. There the actress, who is known for acting like Soldier von Orange and Anne, met amazing people who, among other things, have positively impacted her life. Tirza was stranded in the Netherlands when US borders were closed in early 2020 due to Govt-19. During these months, when she was forced to be away from work with friends and family, the idea for the podcast was born: a real setback, an oat for reassurance.

In early 2020, Van Dill rented his apartment in New York and moved to work in Sunny Los Angeles.

Acting coach

Ivana Subbak. “After I was in Los Angeles for ten days, the lock was announced in the United States. I flew to the Netherlands in a hurry because I was still planning to work in the Netherlands. When I finally arrived in the Netherlands, a lock was announced here as well. All my scheduled performances were suspended.

In March 2020, US borders were closed to tourists and visa holders. “I was suddenly stuck in the Netherlands, with only one suitcase of clothes, it was mainly clothes for Sunny California. I had no house, but an apartment in New York where residents suddenly wanted to leave because of the epidemic. Not sure how to design. ”A stage show is not possible. I have a lot of experience as a voice over, and in a conversation with a friend we came up with the idea for the podcast.

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Sense of gravity

Podcast is a collection of inspiring stories that Tirzah met during her years in the United States. “When I went to the United States, I was impressed with those who had gone through great hardships in their lives. I met everyone I interviewed for the podcast in New York, and not all of them belonged to each of them. Suppressed her sexuality for many years in fear, she finally chose her own happiness, Ariel Elias, Karen Mazda, who overcame many years of addiction after a traumatic childhood. Urea Hall, who grew up as a fighter, interviewed Tony Spotswood for transgender people. It inspired me to build.

General dividing

With podcast

True flexibility

Van Dill challenges the listener to give new meaning to both setbacks and successes by magnifying the vulnerable lives of the seven inspiring individuals he encounters. ”

True flexibility

Did not share the alleged recipe for success. No one on the podcast gets up voluntarily at 4 or 5 in the morning and hangs out in the gym all day or thinks positively. The podcast shares the true stories of these seven. All seven interviewers continue to face cultural and social setbacks, but are confident and confident in what they do and what they choose. “I thought it’s a common feature when all the stories are put side by side. How one handles rejection is more influential than a colored body in making your dreams come true. The path to success is much less attractive than we often think.

Own adventure

Out of curiosity and desire for adventure, Tirzah emigrated in 2016 with his luggage tied up. “Meeting these people has definitely made my life easier in the United States. I’ve read” from each of them when dealing with setbacks and difficult moments. Charcoal has taught me to be patient and to show compassion to others. I learned from Tyson that every ‘no’ brings you closer to ‘yes’. I learned from Uriah that there is always a way forward, and Karen taught me the importance of self – esteem. Everyone is fascinated by me. ”

Life in America is very different than in the Netherlands. “On the surface, there are many similarities between the two countries, but the deeper values ​​and norms of American society differ from ours. In the United States you are expected to do more. Everything in the United States is great: thought, cars, parts of food,” says Van Dill. However, he always left the Netherlands. She is adamant that she will not be able to go. ”I am a true Dutchman and would love to live and work in both countries.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify and iTunes from November 12th.

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