Former coach Sivan Hassan banned for life for mistreating athletes |  the Olympics

Former coach Sivan Hassan banned for life for accusing her of mistreating athletes | the Olympics

The US SafeSport Center has banned athletic trainer Alberto Salazar for life from emotional and physical abuse of athletes. Former American coach Sevan Hassan, among others, is no longer allowed to train American athletes.

The center, which Congress has given authority to rule on such matters, did not disclose the details of its investigations. Salazar has ten days to appeal the decision. Hassan worked with Salazar for three years. The cases he is now charged with and for which he is now suspended in America, took place outside the 28-year-old Dutch athlete.

In 2019, runners from Salazar’s training group, including Mary Kane, Kara Goucher and Amy Yoder Begley, launched allegations of psychological and physical abuse by him. The American coach (62) led the Nike Oregon Project for Athletes for many years, which closed in October 2019.

“Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated in our sport, and we will put the emotional and physical safety of athletes above all else,” USATF said. Life suspension applies only to America. Internationally, the punishment has not been adopted. Salazar is still subject to international suspension due to the doping case.

Alberto Salazar (man) with Mo Farah (right) and Galen Robb. © AFP

Salazar, who won the Boston and New York marathons in the early 1980s and then coached Olympic medalists like Mo Farah and Galen Robb, hasn’t responded yet. The US Anti-Doping Agency suspended Salazar for four years in September 2019. While no athlete who trained under him had ever been tested for a banned substance, USAda determined that Salazar had tampered with doping controls and traded banned substances, including testosterone. The American denied the allegations and challenged the suspension of the doping case. The doping violations occurred in the period before Hassan began dealing with him.

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