Foreign tourists are no longer allowed to ride motorbikes in Bali | outside

Indonesia’s Bali is disappearing with accidents caused by foreign tourists on motorbikes. That is why they are no longer allowed to ride a motorbike on the island, which is popular with the Dutch, for example. This is decided by the local authorities.

Renting a motorbike is very popular among tourists who want to explore Bali. But due to “disorder and misconduct,” foreigners may from now on only use transportation that meets certain criteria, says Gov. Wayan Koster. According to him, this measure should “ensure the quality of decent tourism.”


How the ban will be enforced is currently unknown. Koster asked the Department of Justice to provide support in withdrawing visas from tourists caught riding a motorcycle or committing other crimes, such as illegal work or misusing residence permits.

Bali, the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, has recently witnessed many motorcycle accidents involving tourists. A drunk tourist hit a local motorcyclist last month. The victim had to be hospitalized. And in January, two foreigners died after being hit by two motorcycles.

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