Ford: “We should consider entering F1, the sport is very popular” –

It seems that the American car manufacturer Ford is considering future participation in Formula 1. At Ford, too, they see Formula 1 as a sport becoming increasingly popular.

“Formula 1 is growing strongly, both in America and globally,” Ford Performance’s Mark Rushbrook told

“They really made for great racing and great competition. It’s still an all-time No. 1, but they managed to capture a whole new audience with Drive to Survive, among other things.”

“As a company, we race for new innovations, to transfer technology to our regular cars, the opportunity to learn all kinds of things, but also for marketing reasons. Obviously it has changed and we definitely need to think about Formula 1.”

In recent weeks, there have been rumors that Ford will team up with Red Bull Racing. However, Rushbrook declined to confirm or deny that such a collaboration was imminent.

“We don’t comment on speculation, it’s the same with all classes of racing,” said Rushbrooke. “It is our responsibility to study it, understand it, and then decide whether or not it makes sense to participate.”

stronghold He was last associated with Formula 1 in 2004, at that time as owner of the Jaguar F1 Team. It also achieved impressive results in Formula 1 with the Cosworth engine.

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