For gymnastics, nothing but beautiful body strength is needed

For gymnastics, nothing but beautiful body strength is needed

Rose Pearson

The gymnast Roel Big de Fati (28) creates impressive focus and flexibility One arm handstand† The feet are well flexed, the body is in complete balance. This is what it looks like when an athlete perfects a skill after a lot of training.

Gymnastics is translated as beautiful strength, loosely based on Greek words kalos And the Stenos† And by looking at Roel and the other athletes at Calisthenics Park, next to the De Porte Youth Center in Den Bosch, this remarkable strength becomes very clear.

Your body weight makes up the resistance

Novice and advanced players train together, making the sport highly interconnected and accessible. For all exercises, it is your body weight that primarily makes up the resistance. Apart from a gymnastics park, such as the one in Den Bosch, the athletes do not need other materials.

Roel loves to exercise outside. He can use all his creativity in this free sport, he says. Another big advantage? “It’s free!” he says with a laugh.

The satisfaction that comes when mastering a skill is powerful but also short. Ruel’s eyes are already wandering in the face of the next complex challenge.

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