Flowers rain over Dance Valley location: 'We'll be back'

Flowers rain over Dance Valley location: ‘We’ll be back’

DJ La Fuente performs, before a flower bath over the grounds of Dance Valley.Beeld UDC Events

The flowers were showered during DJ La Fuente’s performance and went “smoothly,” a company spokesperson said. Saturday evening from 19.30 pm The recordings of the show can be viewed on YouTube channel From Dance Valley. This year, the twenty-sixth edition of the festival will be held.

The “flower shower” is a long-standing tradition that goes back to the festival every year until 2014. The organization is satisfied with the result, says the spokesperson: “The weather was good, production was tight, the helicopter scattered the flowers beautifully, and DJ La Fuente was looking forward to it.”

With this measure, Dance Valley hopes to send a “hopeful signal” to partners, the team, but especially to fans “who have been waiting a long time before they can dance with us in the valley again.” “It’s tough and it’s tough, but Dance Valley is coming back. Better times are coming.”


Despite this hopeful message, the organization also says it is “disappointed and frustrated” about the Friday press conference, which showed that festivals with more than 750 visitors will not take place until September 20. “But that was not surprising. The government has proven unpredictable and unreliable with false promises and ever-changing preconditions. But Dance Valley is back, regardless. ”

In cooperation with the municipality of Velsen, the organization is currently exploring possibilities of moving the festival to September.

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