Flooding after clouds burst: a gaping hole in the road and empty streets |  interior

Flooding after clouds burst: a gaping hole in the road and empty streets | interior

In Riesen, there was flooding in several places tonight after a short but heavy rain. Elsewhere in the country rain fell from the sky.

Raisen was surprised that a short-lived but intense cloudy outburst occurred around 8 p.m. Because of the storm, several streets were inundated, manhole covers were loosened and sidewalk tiles loosened. Even the firefighters had to come in after the rain made a hole in the road.

Groningen had to withstand strong thunderstorms early in the evening. Near Winsum a starting whirlwind was seen.

a lot of puddles

Continued rain will also lead to heavy rains in the coming days. Tomorrow, Wednesday and possibly Thursday, bathing areas will regularly enter our country from Germany. “These showers are elongated in shape and often move longitudinally over some areas, especially in the east and southeast of our country. As a result, it can sometimes rain heavily regionally for several hours a day,” says meteorologist Wilfried Jansen. Weather Plaza.

Tens of millimeters of rainwater can fall in the most humid places in the east and southeast of the country, although local differences will be enormous. Locally, more than 100 mm of rain is not excluded until Thursday. “Just for the record: July averages about 80mm,” Jansen says.

In the west and north of the country, the weather will be drier in the coming days. In some places there may be a little rain.


Tens of millimeters of rain in a larger area can cause flooding on a larger scale. Jansen: It is certainly in a built-up area that roads can be flooded and in the area of ​​the Limburg hills a very localized flooding cannot be ruled out, as it has recently. In addition, large puddles can form in fields and fields.”

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The problems that can arise in the German Eifel and the Belgian Ardennes are much greater. Local precipitation is also expected to be very high in those areas. Especially in lower valleys, a lot of water can accumulate in a short time, which leads to local flooding.

After the rain comes the sunshine

The proverb that the sun comes after rain is true: from Sunday it will be summer. Friday and Saturday are “good as dry” with a degree of 20 and little bit of sun.

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