Flanders and Scotland want to exchange students

Education Minister Ben Waits is working on a cooperation agreement with Scotland. Since Brexit, it has become more difficult for European students to exchange in the UK.

Flemish Education Minister Ben Wits (N-VA) and his Scottish colleague Richard Lockheed are working on a cooperation agreement for higher education. This should ensure the smooth mobility of students between the two regions in the coming years.

The goal is to reduce bureaucracy. The tuition fee for the exchange will be the same as the home university tuition fee. Seamless staff exchange and joint research projects are other spearheads.

With Brexit, the United Kingdom has withdrawn from the European Union’s Erasmus + program. The British are developing their own program, Turing. Universities and colleges can also form individual partnerships with their UK counterparts.

“Brexit threatens to make Great Britain unavailable to many Flemish students and academics,” says Whits. Both Flemish and Scottish do not want that. We are determined to make Brexit the beginning of a closer cooperation between our two countries.

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