Flag parties on Orange Day, that’s how it works

Flag parties on Orange Day, that’s how it works

A previous edition of 538 King’s Day (Photo: Tom Swinkels).

Ten days before another largest Fieldlab test event to date will be held in Breda. During 538 Orange Day, 10,000 revelers can set off at Chasséveld. Are there no aura rules in place at all? How exactly does this test work? We give you the answers to the most important questions.

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It could be upsetting for the closed restaurant industry or hospital staff, as 10,000 people celebrate in the middle of Corona’s time. But for the organization, Fieldlab, Orange Day isn’t just a party: They want to know if events are safely possible again with certain rules. They did it earlier this year with smaller groups and now with a third of the 30,000 people who usually take care of the Chasséveld. Six questions and answers:

Do corona rules apply there, too?

The purpose of Fieldlab experiments is precisely (in part) to abandon the ground rules of whether or not this is justified. In previous experiments, the audience was divided into groups (bubbles) to which various rules were applied. Some people had to wear a face mask, and some didn’t. In practice, however, hardly anyone ever wore a mouth mask. “We were expecting that,” the organization wrote later on Twitter.

So there is no enforcement. What rules do you really have to abide by?

What’s the difference with the picnic list announced last week?

Those outings, where you also have to take the test beforehand, are not intended to investigate rules that may be abandoned. All ground rules apply there, and only a limited number of people are allowed to attend. In Fieldlab experiments (the orange day, but also the day Efteling reopens), fewer wreath rules apply to see how things will go.

Where should I take the test?

This can be done on the same locations as the events announced last week. So across the site Testenvoortoegang.nl. There are five locations in Brabant. On the day of the event, you will receive your ticket in the mail early in the morning and you can take the test yourself the same morning. This got tougher, because in previous test events you could have tested yourself two days before the event.

You can register on Radio 538, and on Thursday afternoon you will hear whether you are one of the lucky ones who can buy a ticket. Tests are included in the ticket price of € 37.50.

Does the curfew also apply to partygoers?

Yeah. The party starts at 12 noon and ends at 8 pm, just in time to get home (and enjoy it afterward).

Paul Depla is happy with 538 Orange Day in Breda, but is also passionate about the restaurant industry

We welcome 10,000 visitors to test the 538 Orange Day event in Breda

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