First in South America: Female commentator drops Ajax-ADO

ErTVC broadcasts worldwide. Ajax Against Ado den Hawk For example, it went live in South America last Sunday. There, ESPN caused a surprise for Latin American audiences. For the first time, the commentary was provided by female Messi Margold.

Marcelot is a former Argentine hockey international. During his hockey years he played alongside Helen Hendrix. They were once teammates in the big league Bush Prada and now they both get into football. So they talked about the introduction of Messi’s ErTVC. “It went well. People were impressed by my Dutch accent.”

Messi saw Ajax win 5-0 against ADO. Even with the fifth win, Argentina were completely relaxed. So Helen’s reasonable opinion is: “We only celebrate one goal in a World Cup final.”

But Messi has no emotional commentary from strangers. “The men here are screaming towards a goal, but I don’t think they will make it to the fifth. So it was a bit exciting, but I’m still training. It’s my first game with five goals, so my throat hurts.

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