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Firefox users all over the world are reporting problems with the browser. Websites do not load after entering the url. The developers confirm the problems. According to users, disabling Htp3 helps. Not all users are affected.

employment redditAnd pirate news and on Twitter On Thursday morning, there were reactions from Firefox users who said that the browser is not working at such a fast pace. Websites do not load, while they load in other browsers.

Several users reported that disabling HTp3 fixes issues and suggesting doing so as a workaround. Users can do this by logging in About: config Search for network.http3.enabled Then set this flag to false. After restarting, the browser should work again.

the problems many times mentioned in bug tracker From Mozilla and confirmed by the developers. The bug may affect browser versions from different release channels. Firefox 96.0 and 95.02 users are reporting problems. Not all Firefox users of related versions have to deal with issues, according to a sample of Tweakers. It is not known how many people have been infected.

Update, 1.15pm: Mozilla developers Say in the comments In the error tracker that the problems are resolved and restarting the browser should help. The developers promise to buy soon with more information.

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