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The joke is that the Firefox update doesn’t take into account anything and also shuts down the browser if you’re doing something really important like updating your password or 2FA on a website, about to download an update from something else, want to create an iDEAL push, etc.

Good thing the browser doesn’t know that. It would be very scary if they did

It’s kind of paranoid that the browser wants to update itself right away. Especially if it’s a blank update. This way they update all versions (Mac, Windows, Linux), even if nothing has changed on your platform.

People are also basically shouting at Boeh that they’d rather not opt ​​out, but like sign up, without knowing the entire functionality very well. The same applies, you can set how often you want to update (or check) and how or when the update is installed. This information is unknown, but (given the numerous reactions) people already have an opinion without fully understanding the process.

I like what Chrome does best: an update icon appears that first turns green, then orange, then red. In very important updates, they can immediately color it red.

I’ve never seen this before, but it’s really annoying. I am color blind and therefore see colors differently and changes in color (especially if they are small differences) I never see. I usually find usability such a bad thing.

If it has to be more aggressive, the medium format is also fine as far as I’m concerned: you can no longer open new tabs/windows, but you can still quit what you’re doing.

Well, as I say, if you can specify when and how often updates are checked and how updates are downloaded and possibly installed (download, do not download or download, install, download, install after restart, you know the options), then it seems to me that As a user you also have more choices in how and what.

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