Fifty migrants cross the border with Poland from Belarus

Fifty migrants cross the border with Poland from Belarus

About 50 migrants broke through the border barriers from Belarus on Saturday evening and entered Poland. On Sunday, the Polish police informed us local media. Polish customs reported that all people who arrived in Poland were detained by border guards and sent back to Belarus. There were 223 attempts to illegally cross the eastern border of Europe on Saturday.

Thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, are staying in Belarus on the border with Poland, hoping to cross into the European Union. Polish customs expect more massive crossings in the coming days. Tensions escalated in the border region for days. It is said that the Polish soldiers were stoned and there are already Multiple deaths In the area associated with the border conflict. Migrants, including women and children, have been staying in makeshift camps for days with temperatures approaching freezing.

Belarus is to blame for this situation, according to EU countries. The country is said to be aiding migrants across the Polish border out of discontent and pressure on Brussels to ease sanctions. The European Union also accuses Russia of moving at least 2,000 migrants in the border area. Russia is an ally of Belarus. Moscow and Minsk deny the allegations. Russian President Vladimir Putin cites Western wars as the cause of the problem. Putin said on Sunday that he would help with the situation on the border with Poland, Reuters news agency reported.

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