Ferrari GB looks to US: 'Let's use our new horsepower here'

Ferrari GB looks to US: ‘Let’s use our new horsepower here’

Ferrari is engaged in a fierce battle for third place in the Constructors Championship, and has many more stakes in the last six races. Enrico Qualteri, Ferrari’s head of engines, looks forward to the United States Grand Prix and delights in Scuderia’s new engine.

“Austin has a very different path, with many different angles. It will be very important to find a good balance with a competent downforce.” Preview Of the team. “It looks so hot and windy, so it’s more interesting.” Ferrari introduced an upgrade to the engine during the Russian GB. Thanks to the highly efficient electrical infrastructure, the Italians have some extra horsepower at their disposal.

“Anyway, our new machine seems to be working well. We were able to set up the electrical systems very efficiently. It took a lot of effort, but we took another step in the right direction. So a big upgrade. ‘ Considering next year, it is definitely important to have a good engine ready. “The bike can be tested at different levels. It’s good to be able to do this now. However, we want to finish third in the championship. We can make good use of the extra horsepower for that.”

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