Felicia's immersion leaves Radio 538 |  Displays

Felicia’s immersion leaves Radio 538 | Displays

Igmar Felicia can be heard on Radio 538 for another month, after which the DJ leaves the radio station. He made this known today on Instagram.

That’s luck! Work away! This is a nice introduction if you don’t post anything anymore, start his message. To get straight to the point, I’ll also be out straight away: my 538 contract is valid through April and I know now for a week it won’t be extended. This is disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. At the same time, it is not the end of the world. It is as it is. Enjoy every second of the radio next month. We do with evening shows anyway, and now more than that.

A DJ spokesperson confirmed when asked. “We are grateful to Ighmar for his three years at Radio 538 and wish him every success in his career,” the spokeswoman said.

Felicia switched from Qmusic to 538 in May 2019. It can be heard on the channel every Monday through Thursday from 10pm to midnight.

Also listen to the AD Media Podcast:

Watch the show’s videos and entertainment below:

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