De PI in Vught (foto: Rob Engelaar).

Fear of a very violent attempt to free Taghi from Vught Banking Institute

Police and justice fear a very violent attempt to free Redouane Taghi from the Extra Security Institution (EBI) in Foot. This is what De Telegraaf writes. Taghi will pay millions for this.

this claims telegraph Based on the decision of the Appeals Committee of the Council for the Application of Criminal Justice and Youth Protection (RSJ). A tyrant has been held in a maximum security prison since 2019.

‘Backup change’
According to De Telegraaf, in addition to the “escape fund”, Taghe had also ordered a Dutch diplomat in Africa who could act as a “money transfer” for his release. The information indicates that in the criminal environment, Taghi “is said to have his own leadership group that has heavy firearms,” ​​according to the newspaper.

Vught has been fearing a major EBI hack for some time now. Mayor Roderick van de Mortel of Vught designated an area around PI in Vught as a safety hazard area in July 2020.

This did not necessarily happen because of Taghi. There are also other dangerous criminals in Vught, such as Willem Holleeder. Taghi’s lawyer, Inez Whisky, told the newspaper that the escape plans were old rumours.

top criminal
Taghi is seen as the head of the so-called mocromavia, which is responsible for various murders. As noted in the attack on Peter R. De Vries to those close to Ridouane Taghi. This link is under investigation by the police.

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