Fayenord player Luis Cinestera devastated by World Cup exit |  Football

Fayenord player Luis Cinestera devastated by World Cup exit | Football

Slot notes that Cinestera has returned with much disappointment. Growing up as the most dangerous attacking player in Feyenoord and more important than ever this season, he saw the World Cup final as a new, big step in his development. Colombia won the group’s last game against Venezuela, but Cinestra’s team relied on Peru to equalize. However, the country’s 2-0 victory over Paraguay marked the end of the dream of the likes of Feyenoord and James Rodriguez. Slot: “It’s really a big disappointment for him.”

“It’s really a big disappointment for him.”

After two international matches and two long flights around the world it is not a question for the coach whether the player will be able to start physically on Saturday evening. ,, Louis is just about to start. Let’s see how long he will play. But in his absence, it is not always good for us. As long as he is somewhat fit, he is going to play.

Cinestra reported neatly on the 1908 training campus after coming to Shipol for maintenance on Thursday afternoon. He hasn’t trained yet, but he did on Friday. That means he had exactly one training session before the fight with Willem II.

Luis Cinestera banged on behalf of Colombia.

Luis Cinestera banged on behalf of Colombia.

Those who do not come

Unlike Cynistera, Lutsheral Kirtruda has been given very little relevance from international obligations. Zhang Orange’s bodyguard returned to Rotterdam two days later. He suffered an injury and is certainly not available against Willem II.

This probably applies to Jens Toornstra as well, who is of great value to Feyenoord despite his many twists and turns. But the midfielder called the club doctor on Friday morning and said he had a fever and that it would definitely set him aside.

Kevin Hoffland

Former Fayenord player Kevin Hoffland recently joined the Tilburg squad. He immediately recorded a draw (draw) in his first game and came close to victory. The slot has meticulously observed what has changed in Willem II. He takes into account that the team will get a ‘boost’ with the arrival of a new coach.

“A new coach gives you energy often”

,, The team plays a different system, it is immediately visible. Often a new trainer will give you some energy. The way he plays changes and the players feel like they have a fresh start, ” Slot says, no matter how Willem II works because his own team fixes things from the start.

Chipke Halshaf provides guidance during training.

Chipke Halshaf provides guidance during training.

New Assistant

Slot also explains why he opened the door to the first team of Chipke Hulshaf, who will coach the Under-21 team at Feyenoord this season. After the summer, Hulschoff joins the A-selection because Slot wants to enlist him there with his staff.

It looks great because there are already three people standing next to him with John de Wolf, Marino Pusic and goalkeeper coach Khalid Benlahsen.

“If we have more manpower, it’s better for the team and the club.”

But Slot previously explains he wants to strengthen staff. ,, especially in a European season like this look at how many tasks you have to separate. The more manpower there is to do all the work, the better for the team and the club. “

In addition, Feyenoord wants to pay more personal attention to the players under the slot. It usually comes under tailor, target training for individual players. Slot: Sipke has worked with me at SC Cambuur for many years. He also did not just come to Paynord. He sees football the same way I do and uses a lot of the same exercises. It makes it easier to work with him.

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