Farmer Wants Woman is getting its own version in America

Farmer Wants Woman is getting its own version in America

Touching, beautiful, uncomfortable and frightening – these are the words of the program A farmer is looking for a wife to describe America also sees it as a big win in the Netherlands. That’s why Fox is going to make an American version of the dating show “A farmer wants a wife.” And the Americans always make it so big, so we’re very interested.

Farmer seeks woman in America

The reality show was first made in 2001 (!) in the United Kingdom. The Dutch version was launched in 2004, with Yvonne Jaspers as host. Yvonne us!

A variant is now found or seen in thirty countries A farmer wants a wife. The US version will feature farmers who “live hundreds of miles away from their potential Tinder dates,” according to the producers. This is a completely different situation than in the Netherlands, where people cannot live 5 hours apart. The Netherlands isn’t that big, is it? Maybe even more convenient for Americans to have the program!

“What I love about it is that it’s been around for a while – it’s had an amazing track record internationally. It’s a very different format where contestants put themselves forward to be with these people. It’s for every farmer, and we know that women are particularly interested in them. says the head of Fox Entertainment.


Former participants of our own version prove that love really does arise. Think back to some of the contestants from last season! For Farmers, the TV adventure began almost a year ago. Three people are now dating and two of them are still looking for true love. Evert and Maud are still together, Jeanine and Sandor are now madly in love with Annette.

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We’re very curious to see what the US version will look like.

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America is creating its own version of ‘Farmer Wants Woman’ and we want to see it

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