Farmer involved in farms wants a woman |  RTL Street

Farmer involved in farms wants a woman | RTL Street

In the Flemish version of “The Farmer Seeks the Woman”, a farmer participates for the second time. This has never happened before in the long history of the famous program, but there is a first time for everything. Belgian farmer Robin Bowens (34) returns to the scene after a disappointing experience ten years ago. This time he is determined to find love.

“My second participation is now a deliberate choice.”

In an interview with latest news Robin looks at his previous post. At that time, two of the three ladies left his farm prematurely, ending his search for love abruptly. “Even before the last minute of casting, Kitty left on her own, the girl we clicked well with and who I wanted to travel with,” he says. “There were butterflies next to me, but she had doubts. Maybe she was still with her ex-husband in her head…”

He is disappointed that he couldn’t go on a romantic trip. However, Robin quickly recovered after participating in the program. He has had several relationships since then, but has currently been single for four years. Now he feels ready to start looking for a partner to settle down with.

Presenter Dina Trsjo eventually convinced Robin to take his chance again. “My second participation is now a well-considered choice,” he said in the interview.

The suggested videos are now available online and (Belgian) women can register. Robin describes himself as energetic and romantic. Ten years later, he knows better what he wants. He also finds himself calmer and more thoughtful. He dreams of riding a quad bike through the fields with his partner, going to the sauna together or going out to dinner. Or just watch a movie together at home on the couch. Moreover, it is independent. He lives next door to his parents, but they certainly don’t get in each other’s way.

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Recordings will start after a while and the new season of the Belgian version can be watched on VTM in 2025.

This love can really blossom while recording Farmer looking for a wife This is evidenced by all the relationships created through this program. Paul and Claudia are still very much in love with each other:

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